is the SuperPAC that is releasing the most hard-hitting attack ad against President Obama on television this year.  Our ad (see below) is here for the media and the public to view.  We are the only SuperPAC that will clearly connect the dots to explain the one political vulnerability of President Obama that no one else has the stomach to bring up, and the one issue where President Obama has thus far received a free pass: his disturbing, yet crystal-clear pattern of tacitly defending black racism against white folks before and since being elected president. 
The Obama administration (not the Republicans) have injected race into the presidential campaign.  Obama Attorney General Eric Holder recently told the New York Times -- with no disagreement from President Obama – that white folks who oppose Obama’s policies are motivated by race. This statement is in and of itself racist; implying that whites are too stupid to have honest disagreements with the President’s policies without being racist. 
More recently, the Obama campaign continued to shamelessly play the race card with Vice President Biden telling black folks that Governor Romney would put them in "back in chains"; with Nancy Pelosi making the pathetic claim that Romney spoke  to the NAACP so he would deliberately get booed for the purpose of appealing to white racists; and with another Obama campaign official, Democratic state senator Louise Lucas exposing her own racism by stating that Romney supporters are racists.  In all these cases not one word of disagreement from President Obama, who has refused to repudiate such racism and race baiting; in many cases even supporting it, as our ad clearly shows.
After viewing the ad you can decide whether or not you’d like to help us—either though a financial contribution or through other ways—in our efforts to air these ads on television as frequently as possible.  This website will also allow you to provide us with feedback on our ad, as we believe this ad will be very helpful in moving undecided voters in our effort to stop Obama's tacit defense of black racism.  
One Minute Version:


We are approaching the big money SuperPAC folks and at the same time are appealing to regular folks like you for smaller contributions.  In 2008, then-Senator Obama raised over $200 million of his $400-plus million raised from small contributions. Therefore, no contribution is too small, since there will be so many of you responding that the small contributions will add up and help us greatly. 
Of course, if you can give a large contribution (there are no dollar limits on SuperPACs) that would be great, but, if not, anything you can afford will be appreciated and is extremely helpful in our efforts to get this ad as much airtime as possible in the key swing states. 
Ozean Consulting, one of the most respected Republican media buying firms in America, will be handling the media buys.
Details about our ad
Our ad is two minutes long, longer than the usual 30 or 60 second political ad, but the two minutes are necessary to put in all the information needed to make our point to the voters.  Once the ad is well-known, we will run shorter one-minute ads as well.     
The ad begins by pointing out that (as mentioned above) President Obama’s administration has injected race into the presidential campaign, focusing on General Eric Holder stating – with no disagreement from President Obama -- that white folks who oppose Obama's policies are motivated race.  But the truth is quite the opposite, as we will expose who the real racists are here.
• 2010: Our ad shows how the Obama Administration was on the verge of convicting The New Black Panthers for flagrant voter intimidation and making physical threats to whites and Jews.   Right at the moment of their imminent conviction, after a default judgment was entered by the judge against them, the Obama Administration at the last moment dropped the charges for no legitimate reason. (Unless you consider Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder’s racially-divisive remark about “his” people being legitimate.) 
After the charges were dropped, the U.S. Attorney who was prosecuting the New Black Panthers, J. Christian Adams, quit the Justice Department in disgust.  Despite the public outcry, there was not one word of disagreement from President Obama.

• 2012: Our ad continues to show how The New Black Panthers—apparently emboldened by the Obama administration’s allowing them to illegally intimidate white voters—are
now calling for a race war and spilling the blood of white people in the wake of the Trayvon Martin case. 
Again, no response from President Obama or anyone in his administration.
• 2009: Our ad then goes to the disturbing case of President Obama’s friend, Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, who has a long history of racist remarks against whites, for instance saying to Brian Lamb on C-Span that it was "great" when Malcolm X referred to white people as "The Devil."   
Gates hurled racial slurs at white police officers after he forgot his house keys and had to break into this own house.  When police arrived, instead of putting the matter to rest by simply showing the police his ID, the racist Gates instead went on a racist tirade against the white police officers, telling white officer James Crowley he would not speak to him but would speak to Crowley’s “mama.” 
President Obama’s response to his friend Gates’ flagrant racism? Obama said “The Cambridge Police acted stupidly.” To this day, President Obama has never apologized to the Cambridge Police Department for saying they “acted stupidly,” despite the demand he do so by the Cambridge Police, including their black officers.  Mr. Obama also never explained what the cops did that he thought constituted their acting “stupidly,” since, of course, they did nothing wrong.  In fact, a case can be made that the cops went soft on Gates, since they dropped all charges against him, when he could have easily been arrested on a whole host of charges, including disorderly conduct.   
President Obama cleverly nuanced the issue by arranging for Gates and James Crowley—the white police officer Gates hurled racial slurs at—to have a beer together, neutralizing the issue by making it look as if both men over-reacted equally, when that was not the case.  The incident was 100% the fault of Henry Louis Gates and his racism against whites. 
Now, after the cases of The New Black Panthers and Henry Louis Gates, our ad shows how we now can see the 2008 Jeremiah Wright issue in a much fuller context. 
• 2008: When the racist Jeremiah Wright and his friendship to then-Senator Obama was exposed, Mr. Obama deceived TV journalist Major Garrett, claiming he didn’t know of Jeremiah Wright’s racist rants, despite sitting in the pews of that church for nearly 20 years. 
His deception was exposed by none other than himself, when Mr. Obama admitted  during a speech on race, just four days after his interview with Major Garrett, that he did in fact know about Jeremiah Wright’s racist statements.  However, despite this admission regarding Jeremiah Wright’s racist rants against whites, Jews, and America, Mr. Obama refused to quit the church. He instead defended Jeremiah Wright, saying, “He’s been like family to me.  I can no more disown him than I can disown the black community.”
Mr. Obama did finally quit the church two months later in May 2008,  but only after the church honored one of America’s most notorious racists; Louis Farrakhan, giving him a “Lifetime Achievement Award,” and only after a guest pastor mocked Hillary Clinton racially and Wright attacked Mr. Obama for “caving in to the Jewish lobby.”
• Our ad then clearly shows this pattern of President Obama’s tacit approval of Black racism against whites includes racist words directly out of the President’s own mouth, describing his white grandmother’s racial insensitivity as that of a “typical white person,” and how, when she uttered racial or ethnic stereotypes, it made him “cringe.”

So President Obama’s white grandmother’s racial uttering made him “cringe,” but Jeremiah Wright’s racial venom—far more sickening than anything his grandmother could have said—never made him cringe, but, in the president’s own words, inspired him?
• Our ad then shows a short clip of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, making the point that President Obama has failed to live up to Dr. King’s dream, since Dr. King would have never defended, nor would he have had anything to do with the likes of The New Black Panthers, Henry Louis Gates, Jeremiah Wright and Eric Holder.  They would have made Dr. King sick to his stomach, since he never supported racial hatred, and only preached racial love.
• The ad closes with the point that President Obama ran for president as the candidate of change, but there has been no change in his tacit approval of black racism against white people, despite the fact that he was elected president with nearly half the vote of white Americans.
The Democrats – through Obama Attorney General Eric Holder, Nancy Pelosi, and Louise Lucas – opened the door on the race card with their racist remarks against whites.  So now we are simply slamming that door back into their faces.   
The American public cut Mr. Obama enormous slack on Jeremiah Wright during the 2008 campaign.  However, Mr. Obama’s disturbing pattern of refusing to repudiate black racism since being elected President (in some cases even supporting it) will all be put together in one neat package for the American public to clearly understand in our TV ad.
President Obama was able to escape the Jeremiah Wright issue in 2008 because, by the time Hillary Clinton decided to try to make it a campaign issue, it was too late. Then-Senator Obama had already clinched the nomination, and, for some unknown reason, Sen. John McCain didn’t have the stomach to use the issue in the general election.  So the American public gave Mr. Obama the benefit of the doubt and elected him President.
However, as stated earlier, this pattern by President Obama of defending black racism has unfortunately continued after his being elected president, and our ad is the first time ever that anyone has held President Obama accountable for his actions on this sensitive and disturbing issue. 
President Obama’s refusal to repudiate black racism against white folks is particularly despicable for many reasons:
• As mentioned earlier, the president was elected in 2008 with nearly half the white vote in America.
• The civil rights movement succeeded and Martin Luther King’s dream became a reality because it had the support of so many white Americans, from white freedom riders that joined their black counterparts being brutalized in the South, to the white politicians who were responsible for passing our civil rights legislation, most notably Robert Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson and Hubert Humphrey. 
The white support that made the civil right movement successful also made it possible for Barack Obama to be elected America’s first black president. 
• Let’s also contrast President Obama’s tacit approval of black racism with that of former Democratic President Bill Clinton, who strongly repudiated black racism as he stood up to “Sister Souljah” at Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition Convention in 1992.  The Republican Party also strongly repudiated racism in their ranks during the David Duke controversy in 1991, when the Republican National Committee and Republican leaders nationwide urged Louisiana voters not to vote for the racist Duke, despite that he was the Republican nominee for governor of Louisiana. 
When you view this powerful ad, we hope you will agree that it addresses issues that so far no one has addressed, and why these issues need to be addressed.  We also ask for your feedback on the ads; and give you the opportunity to decide if you would like to join our efforts—either financially or in other ways—to get these ads on TV as often as possible.   

Here are our ads again if you’d like to take another look.
Likely Responses from the Obama Campaign and 
Their Political and Media Surrogates
We sincerely hope that we are wrong in the expected responses below and that President Obama will acknowledge that, in retrospect, he should not have dropped the charges against The New Black Panthers; that he will speak out against their calls for a race war and “spilling white blood”; that he will apologize for saying the Cambridge police “acted stupidly”; that, in retrospect, he should have quit Jeremiah Wright’s church much sooner than he did; and that he could have chosen his words better regarding his white grandmother’s racism.
Here are the likely responses to our ad  and why they are false:
1. They will claim that Mr. Obama quit the church after he became aware of the degree of Jeremiah Wright’s flagrant racism. 
This is not true, since Mr. Obama went to great lengths to make excuses for and even praise Jeremiah Wright in his much-ballyhooed speech on race in March 2008, and quit the church two months later (as we pointed out earlier) only after the church gave a “Lifetime Achievement Award” to Lewis Farrakhan, attacked Hillary Clinton racially and attacked Mr. Obama for “caving” into the Jewish Lobby.   
2. Regarding the Henry Louis Gates incident, they will claim  that President Obama resolved the dispute by organizing a meeting where Mr. Gates and Officer Crowley shared a beer. 
This is true, but by doing this (as mentioned earlier), President Obama cleverly used “the beer summit” to avoid publicly apologizing to the Cambridge police for saying they “acted stupidly.”   
3. They will claim that President Obama never lied to Major Garrett, since his exact verbiage was that he didn’t hear Jeremiah Wright make those racist and anti-American statements “while he was in the pews,” as if that is of any relevance.  Even if he didn’t hear those statements first-hand, he admitted to being aware of those racist and anti-American statements four days after the interview with Mr. Garrett. 
If John McCain or Mitt Romney belonged to a church for nearly 20 years in which the pastor made such racist and anti-Semitic statements—and later defended themselves by saying they never actually heard the statements despite acknowledging the pastor made them—would that matter?  And if Mr. McCain or Mr. Romney went on to further say “I can no more turn my back on (white racist Pastor) than I can turn my back on the white community,” as Mr. Obama said about Jeremiah Wright and the Black community, would the American public put up with that?
(Just that statement alone—implying that President Obama equates Jeremiah Wright with the Black community—is in and of itself mind-boggling.)
Mr. Obama was clearly parsing words with Major Garrett, just as he was when he stated that he would have quit the church had he heard Jeremiah Wrights make those racist statements “repeatedly.”
As if that’s relevant, as well.  What’s the difference if he heard Jeremiah Wright make those racist, anti-Semetic and anti-American statements repeatedly or just once? 
(Also note that his use of the word “repeatedly” hints that he may have heard Jeremiah Wright say make racist remarks at least once, therefore technically not lying but parsing words.)   
4. Regarding the New Black Panthers incidents, there is really no way for the president to spin this one.

Obama actually said there was not enough evidence to prosecute, which is not true, since a default judgment was already entered against the Panthers by the judge in the case.  Same for his refusal to repudiate Mr. Holder’s statement to the New York Times: that critics of the president are motivated by race.  There is no way the president can defend that statement by Mr. Holder as well.  Ironically, Mr. Holder made the statement while defending critics of his questionable handling of the Mexican gun-running issue, accusing his critics of racism, and then casually adding in that the racism also applied to critics of President Obama.     

Background on FightBigotry.Com was founded by Stephen Marks, a political consultant who was responsible for some of the most hard-hitting TV ads  (see below) that helped defeat Al Gore in 2000 and John Kerry in 2004.
Stephen's TV ad against then-Senator Obama in 2008 was not able to help defeat Obama, since—after the economic and banking collapse blamed on George W. Bush (and by extension, John McCain) five weeks before the election—it was impossible for Mr. Obama to lose.  However, Mr. Marks’ 2008 TV ad against Mr. Obama nonetheless garnered 4 ½ million hits on YouTube in just a few weeks (more than any other political ad on YouTube during that period) and scared the Obama campaign enough for them to make the most scurrilously false statements against Mr. Marks. 

Below are Mr. Marks’ ads against Al Gore in 2000, John Kerry in 2004 and Barack Obama in 2008 for better context.
All three ads attacked the Democratic nominee on issues that no one else brought up during those three campaigns (helping to defeat both Al Gore and John Kerry), as is the case with our ads this year.
Mr. Marks has also been a political consultant since 1994, having worked on political races from local to nationwide in over 30 states. He has worked as a consultant for the NRCC (National Republican Congressional Committee); the NRSC (National Republican Senatorial Committee; and the RGA (Republican Governor’s Association), formerly part of the RNC (Republican National Committee).       
Mr. Marks also authored the book Confessions of a Political Hitman (Sourcebooks, 2008), and has given hundreds of television, talk radio and print media interviews including for The O’Reilly Factor, Hannity & Colmes; Anderson Cooper 360; The  New York Times Magazine and NPR. 
If you would like to provide feedback concerning our SuperPAC or our new TV ad, please feel free to email us at